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Art in the Park

July 2016

In celebration of Confluence Park’s 25th year anniversary, Delta Fine Arts and the Black Canyon Camera Club and the students from Partners joined together to display member’s artworks.

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2016 Art Show

June 2016’s Annual Art Show and Sale featured 58 artists, (16 being students from ages 9 yrs to 18) totaling 137 entries this year. Meredith Nemirov, from Ridgeway, CO gave 47 awards in each of 10 categories. The Best of show was Judy Campbell with her very original 3 Dimensional pieces!  We were thrilled with the new location at the Garnet Mesa Elementary School’s cafeteria. Ample parking, good lighting and easy access allowed 83 plus visitors to enjoy these local works of art. The  many sponsors made the show a success! We appreciate all the donations to make such an endeavor enjoyable. Thanks to all who volunteered and gave an extra effort to put on a first class show! Enjoy a few of the entries on display…

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