Portfolio – Kathryn Hiney


Kathryn paints both “en plein air” and in her studio. She participates in plein air events. She keeps illustrated journals using broad pencil or watercolor. Favorite subjects are plants, skies and vistas of the countryside and in her garden. She enjoys drawing animals and has long practiced life drawing in various art groups. She often adds animals and figures to her paintings to tell a story. “I love the medium of watercolor…how colors can be mixed on wet paper and the beautiful infusions that result.”

She worked many years as a seamstress, then in public schools, continuing freelance sewing as a sideline. She did artwork for the school. Anything from illustrations for a teacher’s classroom to painting the backdrop for a school play. She was editor/illustrator for the school employee newsletter. Kathryn enjoys learning from others in workshops and studying watercolor with Dani Tupper.  She lives and gardens in Paonia, Colorado, with her husband David and their pets

Contact: phone 970.712.8907;  email:  weesiesgarden@gmail.com