Annual Show



Best of Show:   “Danseuse” by Sheryl Williams

Open Media. 3rd place “Paphiopedilum #4 by Joann Rosenbaum. 2nd place “Crayola Forest” by Meredith K Pratt. 1rst place “Glory” by Linda Aubrey

Oil/Acrylic. 3rd place “Welcome” by H.C. Pemberton. 2nd place “Aspen Ridge” by H.C. Pemberton. 1rst place “Rock Creek Run” by Beth Taylor

Watercolor. 3rd place  “Jesse” by Dani Tupper. 2nd place “Orange Sunset” by Robert La Rose   1rst place ” Black Canyon Sunrise at Noon” by Robert La Rose

3 Dimensional. 3rd place “Fat and Happy” clay sculpture by Debra Bradley. 2nd place “Hey Diddle” altered book by Linda Aubrey.   1rst place “Golden Boy” clay sculpture by Daphna Russell

Photography.   “3rd place “Heceta Lighthouse” by Joe Rosenbaum.   2nd place “On the Wings of Poetry” by Deiter Heinrich.   1st place “Morning in the Aspens” by Susan Humphrey

Students. 3rd place “Beautiful Flowers” by Josie Farmer. 2nd place “Happy Trees” by Morgan Farmer. “1rst place “Make a Wish” by Leah Shae Farmer

Honorable Mentions.  “A Break in the Clouds” watercolor by Cheri Isgreen.     “Beloved Injured Pelican,” watercolor by Virginia Blackstock.                                  “Bike in Rome, watercolor by Sheryl Williams.                                                “Eggcellent,” alcohol ink by Anastasia Kenner.                                                            “My Painting,” acrylic by Linda Aubrey.                                                                “Mountain Highlights,” oil/acrylic by Beth Taylor.                                                “Annadurna Sanctuary,” photography by Joe Rosenbaum.                                     “Blue Bird,” by student Morgan Farmer

Sponsor Awards. Impessionz Gallery Cedaredge – “Iris Majesty,” Photography by Deiter Heinrich.                                                                                                       Diane St Peter Photographer – “San Juan Sunset,” photography by Susan Humphrey. Alpine Bank – “Studebaker Show Car,” watercolor by Robert La Rose.