Members Gallery can include 1 to 5 paintings per member on your very own page!  If you want to participate; contact through our website email, send the image/s of your painting jpeg, (size it 900 dpi on longest side.).  Rename your image with Title, Your Name, Medium.  You can also include a short bio about your art.

Blackstock, Virginia 2

Virginia Blackstock- “Hide Taxi” – Watercolor

Blackstock, Virginia 3

Virginia Blackstock- “Spring Elegance” – Watercolor

Blackstock, Virginia

Virginia Blackstock- “Grand Gulch- Pictograph” – Ink Resist

Alcohol ink- Rock facesO

Linda Aubery – “Rock Faces” – Alcohol Ink

Linda's photo

Linda Aubury – “Waterdrop Images” -Photography


Linda Aubury – “Aspen Sentinels” –

Alcohol Ink on tile

Along the Colorado-Dani Tupper

Dani Tupper – “Along the Colorado” – Watercolor

Dani Tupper, Agony of Defeat - Watercolor

Dani Tupper – “Agony of Defeat” -Watercolor