Members Gallery will include 1 to 3 paintings per member.  If you want to participate; contact through our website email, send an image of your painting jpeg, (size it 900 dpi on longest side.).  Rename your image with Title, Your Name, Medium.   The images will appear here in our gallery.

Blackstock, Virginia 2

Virginia Blackstock- “Hide Taxi” – Watercolor

Blackstock, Virginia 3

Virginia Blackstock- “Spring Elegance” – Watercolor

Blackstock, Virginia

Virginia Blackstock- “Grand Gulch- Pictograph” – Ink Resist

Alcohol ink- Rock facesO

Linda Aubery – “Rock Faces” – Alcohol Ink

Linda's photo

Linda Aubury – “Waterdrop Images” -Photography


Linda Aubury – “Aspen Sentinels” –

Alcohol Ink on tile

Along the Colorado-Dani Tupper

Dani Tupper – “Along the Colorado” – Watercolor

Dani Tupper, Agony of Defeat - Watercolor

Dani Tupper – “Agony of Defeat” -Watercolor