Aubery_Linda_Jean - DFA March Meeting Art Project

Aubery_Linda_Jean – DFA March Meeting Art Project

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We need your help to keep this organization vital and insure that the show can continue in the coming years. Volunteers are needed for the offices left blank below.   If interested, please contact Linda Aubery or email DFA via the link above. 


Vice President:


Treasurer:               Kathy Hiney


Newsletter:             Linda Aubery

Show Chairs:          Linda Aubery


Being a member allows you to exhibit and sell your work by displaying it at one or more of several venues (listed below). Your work will be hanging in a public venue for 3 months. You can participate in one or all of the locations. Work must be approved by the chairperson and must be fitted with a wire hanger, on the back- name, title, medium and price. If a piece sells, DFA receives 20% of the selling price.  DFA takes no commission at the Creamery as the gallery takes 40%.  Artists are responsible for taxes and DFA is not responsible for loss or damage.

To participate, contact chairs listed below.

Bill Heddles Recreation Center:   Sheryl Williams

Delta County Court House:            Rae Ann Simmons

Delta Country Hospital:                  Kathy Hiney

Cedaredge Coffee Barn:                  Kathy Hiney

Creamery Gallery:                            Linda Aubery